I’ve spent all of my life in love with the western landscape: the trees, the mountains, the lakes and the valleys. Since I’m also in love with fabric, it seems natural to use fabric and thread to create a vision of a particular place; either real or imagined. I reconstruct that vision by layering different colors and textures of fabrics that I free-cut to shape. The pieces are stitched down and details are added with my sewing machine. In other words, I paint with fabric and thread.  

Many of my landscapes are now in private collections:

Thanks for scrolling down this far. While every art quit I create is unique, if the general style of one quilt or another particularly speaks to you, I don’t often, but will certainly consider making a quilt on commission.

And, while my collectors love their quilts, it’s possible they would be willing to sell to another interested party.  If you see something you really can’t live without, I can usually contact the current owner for you and see if they are interested in a sale. Send me an offer I can forward directly.  If both parties agree I can also give you each direct contact information.